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Jolene reluctantly cares for her aging aunt in the wilds of Mississippi. As more and more evidence of the supernatural sends her into unknown territory, an abandoned city, the Elysian Fields, provides the clue. Jolene dispenses with her lazy ways to fight back.

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But did she wait too long to avoid a fate more terrifying than death? Embe Charpentier , a teacher by day and writer by night, has always been fascinated with the strange and unusual. Embe is presently working with publishers at Written World Communications on a book series for struggling readers. Connect with Embe at her Website or on Facebook. Briana is enthusiastic about her first year in college, and soon gets caught up in a whirlwind romance with another woman. Alisia Faust began writing when she was between jobs with too much time on her hands.

She is primarily a flash fiction writer because it caters to her ever-shortening attention span. Something else roams outside the camp, hungry and waiting. When not writing, she enjoys hare spotting in the garden and long walks in the forest. Her stories have appeared in freeze frame fiction, Luna Station Quarterly, Molotov Cocktail, and other publications. Good things can happen in foster homes.

Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth

Terrible things can happen in foster homes, things no one ever wants to discuss. When her foster mother requests a written task, Maisie takes the opportunity to write a letter to the authorities that will reveal years of neglect, abuse and alcoholism. The question is: will they believe her? Her hobbies include eating avocado sandwiches and sitting in libraries pretending to write. She hates slugs. He had to forego college in order to run the Youth Hostel his stepfather owned. He enjoyed cooking for the guests and getting to know them. He had a time schedule to get everything done, along with an amazing system to encourage the visitors to help out.

Then what was the problem with his stepfather? His perfect holiday is a sunny Mediterranean beach as close as possible to the last remains of an ancient civilization. A word, nothing but a simple word created a being of pure energy. You can almost never see it. But in the middle of the night when you are sitting all alone and the only light is coming from the television, you can see it at work. So, instead, you fall asleep, and it survives. She is from New York and this is her very first publication. Yvette is a full time student and author and often has troubles balancing the two, but in the end the satisfaction of finishing a story outweighs anything else for her.

Her teacher gazes upon her with clear disappointment. But there is someone who knows the truth about Olivia. Physically, she resides in Canada. In day-to-day life, Blake loves paradoxes. Somewhere, in between the paradoxes and fantasy of living in far-away places, Blake finds the time, and enjoyment, to write. In the game, World of Dragons , Josh has mountains of gold, a sprawling castle and a slew of followers. As Josh wastes away, both realize that when you hate your reality, you construct another.

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John Rickett dwells in the armpit of America, where he claws at the walls, escaping his suburban nightmare by performing woodworking ninjutsu and moonlighting as a word-sorcerer. Four adolescent Zarminixian recruits must learn about Earth before they infiltrate the planet. The time could be the future—or now. They struggle to understand the human sin known as sloth. Zarkaa, Vaardon, Kahilii, and Raiidorr must provide the correct answers to a pop quiz within two time units.

However, Professor Wixnaar puts an unusual obstacle in their path. Will anyone succeed? Or will they all be sent to the principal for expunction and reassignment? Kathy Steinemann has loved writing for as long as she can remember.

As a child, she scribbled poems and stories. During the progression of her love affair with words, she won public-speaking and writing awards. Her career has taken varying directions, including positions as editor of a small-town paper, computer-network administrator, and webmaster.

The Deadly Sins Series

Kathy tries to write something every day. Within a family, how much of love is really a shared understanding of the world? Those were the questions that interested me and the ones that Elizabeth, the mother in this story, lives out. I also wanted to explore the loneliness that comes with having an ill child, that sense of distance it creates, a sort of impatience with the outside world.


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It is its own very particular, very peculiar bubble, and I was interested in seeing how these two parents would live differently within that. In life, just as in her writing, she attests that hope happens because of risk takers…. Guard Your Heart was inspired by an urge to write a gritty, contemporary romance set in the complexity of peace, the legacy of the Troubles. Aidan and Iona, 18, were both born on the day of the peace deal but they live in a society where identity is still tattooed under your skin, in your blood.

Guard Your Heart was inspired by the desire to tug hearts and minds into empathising that wherever it takes place, and in whatever form, building reconciliation can be a fragile process.

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A courageous risk. I thought the politics was handled with an interestingly light touch, while clearly imbuing every aspect of the lives of these two teenagers on different sides of the divide. There was something unusual and completely compelling in this contemporary take on the Troubles from the point of view of teenagers who have grown up in a time of peace. Fundamentally, though, it was a very charming love story, one I am delighted to have read.

As well as health and wellbeing, Kate is interested in our relationship with the natural world. She is about to embark on a new work about the north. I returned a number of times during the next year or so. I was inspired by those I met there, people who had fled their homes with such stories of courage, hope and despair, as well as people from across the world who had turned up to volunteer. I was already interested in migration in the natural world, especially bird migration, and was very excited to discover that Bulgaria, which was becoming a land route for refugees heading north and west, was also home to three migration flyways for raptors and other big birds.

BOOK REVIEW: The Seven Deadliest edited by Patrick Beltran and D. Alexander Ward

So, in May I persuaded a friend to join me as my driver on a research trip to Bulgaria. I was particularly struck by the delicately-balanced relationship between the young, mute refugee and the jaded station master which lies at the core of this novel. Deftly written, unflinching and often lyrical, this is a story crying out to be heard.

Damhnait Monaghan was born and grew up in Canada but now lives in the UK. Her short fiction has won or placed in several competitions and is widely published and anthologised. Her flash fiction pamphlet, The Neverlands , is forthcoming with V. Press later this year. She is a member of the editorial board for FlashBack Fiction, an online literary journal that publishes historical flash fiction.

A long time ago, I spent two years teaching in a small fishing village there. My novel tells the story of an outsider, broken by grief, and out of her comfort zone, who finds acceptance and purpose in the tight-knit community of Little Passage. But I was also keen to establish a strong sense of place, and, in some ways, the novel is an homage to Newfoundland and its people. I thought the drawing of the local characters was absolutely beautifully done — warm and singular and with dialogue that crackles on the page and brings to life this strange and unpredictable group of people!

Many thanks to all who entered the Caledonia Novel Award ! We received more than entries from 31 different countries — our shortlisted writers come from England, Ireland and the USA. Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window.