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After his football playing days, Butkus has appeared in several acting and production roles on television, also serving as an analyst. Butkus married Helen Essenberg in while both were students on the UI campus and together gave birth to three children, Ricky, Matt and Nikki.


‘Brian’s Song’ Remake Goes Flat

Illinois Athletics. June 20,. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Stone has worked with two generations of two different acting families. Charlie Sheen worked on Platoon with Stone and then rejoined him for Wall Street , where his father, Martin Sheen, also played his dad in the film.

One of his instructors?

A Football Life - Dick Butkus and Gale Sayers

The legend himself, Martin Scorsese. Over the years, they both made long-term collaborations with cinematographers Rodrigo Prieto and Robert Richardson. To the surprise of nobody, the inmates were on lockdown for the last two weeks of filming, so extras were brought in to replace them. Stone shares a surprising amount of parallels with fellow filmmaker Steven Spielberg. Both men were born in the same year, and their dads were both WWII veterans. Stone uses his films like a photo album, at least when it comes to his son, Sean.

Stone was left to shrug his shoulders as the film got four Oscar nominations but flopped at the box office.

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After more than 16, Vietnamese women came in to read for roles, Hiep Thi Le was reluctantly dragged to the audition by her friend. However, one group of people were quick to praise Stone for the exact same reasons. According to Stone, several Armenian groups urged him to make a film about the Armenian genocide in Turkey. It took Stanley Kubrick 25 years to make the same number of films, and even during his busiest period, Spielberg needed 13 years to make and release 10 films.

What makes it even more remarkable was that Stone actually released two films in the same year—twice! Stone has frequently used Aboriginal themes and characters in his films. The character of Sgt. Elias was originally meant to be played by an Aboriginal actor before Willem Dafoe was cast. Throughout his career, Stone has discovered some actors who went on to be well-known or critically acclaimed. McGinley, and Keith David some of their first big breaks. No American company would touch the film project, so most of it was produced and filmed in Germany, which Stone said worked better since it was a neutral country.

On the rare occasions that they were in the US for location shoots, Stone urged his cast and crew to avoid naming specific locations in emails. When Stone first released his magnum opus Alexander , the film was a box office bomb in the US and received a lot of criticism. When Natural Born Killers was released, US Senator Bob Dole tried to take political advantage of the shock surrounding the film by publicly denouncing the promotions of violence in pop culture. Later, he was forced to admit that he had not actually seen the film.

According to Stone, every word that Dangerfield utters in the film was written by Dangerfield himself. To properly portray the Vietnam War in his film Platoon , Stone put his entire cast through two weeks of basic training as light infantry. The rigorous training in the jungles of the Philippines caused lead actor Tom Berenger to lose 28 pounds in those two weeks. Cheques bounced, the crew rebelled by throwing the producers into a lake, and all the recorded sound was held for ransom away from Stone.

He and his friends literally smuggled the work print out of Canada in a rented car ahead of the law! Stone spent years developing a biopic about renowned civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Those familiar with the character from Daredevil and her own film will doubtless be pleased to know that only a rights issue prevented Stone from making the movie. It apparently had a Manchurian Candidate -esque plot where Elektra attempts to kill a presidential candidate secretly being controlled by ninjas.

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Not only did he write the screenplay for Scarface while recovering from a cocaine addiction in Paris, he would write it while sitting in a very dark room without the lights on. Was he still hungover? Want to tell us to write facts on a topic? Please submit feedback to contribute factinate. Thanks for your time! Do you question the accuracy of a fact you just read? Our credibility is the turbo-charged engine of our success. We want our readers to trust us.

The NFL’s 10 Greatest Players of All ­Time

Our editors are instructed to fact check thoroughly, including finding at least three references for each fact. But while George, Butkus and Singletary made their reputations with bone-breaking hits and unnatural ferocity, Urlacher, the consummate modern athlete, kills them softly with his still-crazy speed. There are times when the Bears' defense calls for their "Mike" linebacker to turn his back on the quarterback and run with a wide receiver. It happens so often that it is no longer astonishing.

And yet, when you watch the slow-motion replays of Urlacher operating in Lovie Smith's Tony Dungy-influenced Tampa Cover 2 defense, it reveals just how versatile he is. When the ethereal Reggie Bush walked out of the backfield and lined up as a wide receiver in the NFC Championship Game, it was Urlacher who covered him stride for stride.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees didn't even bother trying to throw Bush the ball. I think that's the big deal that he is bringing across.

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But here's the scary thing: While Butkus, at 6-foot-3, pounds, was the largest of the Bears' celebrated middle linebackers, understand that Urlacher is even bigger, at , pounds. Butkus has taken some heat in the past for wishing out loud that Urlacher would hit harder. I just thought when he has the chance or the opportunity avails itself to really hit people, because what that does is make the ball carrier think about getting hit and start protecting himself. Somewhere along the line, you hope he forgets about holding the ball.

He was mean. I wish I could do that, but it wouldn't fit in today's game. Plus, I couldn't do it because guys are too big. Back in Butkus' day , linemen were the same size as he was. Today, Urlacher sometimes finds himself pounds lighter than opposing blockers, which makes his numbers even more remarkable.

#14 – NFL’s Dick Butkus in His First Hollywood TV Pilot

Urlacher recorded tackles in the regular season, the second-highest total of his career. He didn't have any sacks -- that's not his role -- but led the Bears with 12 tackles for a loss and added eight passes defensed and three interceptions. He'll be heading to his sixth Pro Bowl in seven seasons. Truth be told, Urlacher doesn't enjoy playing in the scheme, which doesn't encourage him to attack the line of scrimmage but, rather, forces him to patrol the middle of the field. I am basically out of the play unless they throw it down the middle of the field.

Even if they run it, I am behind. The advantage for the Bears is that, even if the play is away from the space he is defending, Urlacher's speed allows him to make plays on the ball.