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The world is entering a new age, and the secrets of creation need to be hidden no longer: humanity is ready to receive them, and for all people to live in a state of peace, harmony and self-fulfilment. This is why the knowledge of the Modern Mystery School has been brought out of secrecy at last, by founder Gudni Gudnason, who took the lineage public several years ago to found the school.


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While it may superficially seem similar to a New Age organisation, the teachings which form the basis of the Modern Mystery School tradition differ from similar New Age and spiritualist beliefs in two very important aspects: lineage and initiation. While a great number of belief systems have come into the public consciousness in the past few decades, none can match the ancient, traceable lineage of the Modern Mystery School, which can trace its knowledge and teachings back through more than 3, years of master-apprentice tradition.

Compared to this, most other New-Age systems are easily shown to be flashes in the pan — without the lineage to back them up, even the truth they may have discovered will lack the context and power of the teachings at the Modern Mystery School. Where does your love of pigeons come from?


We all understand it; we all have the same lingo, we all know. We live our life, but we love our birds. The one where he is in the cell? They crash. They kill themselves. They die. So I learned not to be too reckless and not to hit the ground.

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Authors today wrote so much to a pattern that their public expected it. Their interest was not in the book but in its newness.

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They knew quite well what the book would be like. Still true today are you listening, James Patterson and Lee Child? Giving up on his bedside reading, Alan Grant decides to spend his convalescence solving one of the most notorious crimes in British history: did King Richard III really kill the princes in the Tower?

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