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Sometimes, in fact, it seems that they have the wisdom to be teachers more than their parents do. While Jesse and Mattea may sound like unusual children, their mother believes that they are among a new breed of child that began to be born in the s and s, with a large increase in the late s. According to those who write and teach about them, Indigo Children get their name from their indigo-colored auras, but those who do not see auras can also identify them by a number of common character traits.

These children tend to be emotionally sensitive and creative and to act as though they are royalty. Frequently they have spiritual or extrasensory abilities that enable them to see auras, speak with nonhuman beings, remember past lives, and gather knowledge by other such non-rational means. Finally, Indigo Children usually have difficulty learning in public or other traditional school settings, experience discipline problems, and are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

How and why did this unusual group of children come to be identified? Answering this question requires placing them in their social and historical context. This paper will attempt to demonstrate that the convergence of two clearly identifiable historical steams has resulted in the creative synthesis that is the Indigo Children.

The first is the religious or spiritual stream of the New Age movement. Common elements of New Age belief and practice, including the reality of auras, millennialism, and the need for personal transformation or self-help figure prominently in the conceptualization of the Indigo Children. These particular elements were brought together in relation to children because of the second historical stream, great public concern for both violence and excessive prescription of Ritalin among children in the late s.

Bruce Lincoln has argued that in ritual events an inversion of symbols, followed by a restoration, can serve to reinforce the social order. This process is something akin to a dialectic, excepting that instead of producing a synthesis, the outcome is more accurately described as an emphatic statement of the original thesis. In this light it is helpful to think of the emergence of Indigo Children as a restoration from an inversion of meaning.

It is a re-inscription of value, where historically good children turned bad are able to be turned good again, and in the process expand their value to bring redemption to the larger community. The problem has become, for those who believe in the Indigo Children, its own solution. There is some difficulty in identifying these people who believe, who engage in this symbolic procession of inversions. There is no church of Indigo Children, nor any organization that one must belong to. People become participants largely by reading books about Indigo Children or perhaps by looking at websites.

Catherine L. What holds Indigo believers together as a movement is a commonality of ideas that are shared primarily through textual modes of communication. They do make important use of all of the language cited by Albanese in their two books, published in and respectively. Although Carroll and Tober are given authorial credit, their writing is primarily to be found in brief passages that link together numerous contributions from other writers. Yet credit is due to them for choosing and organizing the many texts that make up each of their books. Both have worked as New Age teachers for a number of years before they became involved in promoting ideas about Indigo Children.

Tappe narrates at the start of her book both childhood and adult experiences that led her to develop and write about a theory of color in human life. Her grandmother was psychic and was the only person other than herself who was able to see her friend Golden Eagle. After delineating her ideas about auras theoretically, Tappe spent nine years working with a psychiatrist to test and refine her information. Of course Tappe was not the first person to identify colored auras, as even the acceptance of the idea at her Yoga class suggests. Something a good deal like the concept of the aura can be found in the nineteenth century spiritualist and healer Andrew Jackson Davis.

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Wouter J. Charles W. Leadbeater, another member of the Theosophical Society, introduced to the mix the perception of chakras, a series of energy wheels associated with different parts of the body, drawn from South Asian tradition and already appropriated by some European mystics. Building on this tradition, Tappe describes a complex aura that consists of an electromagnetic field in and around the body.

These children are also brilliant, exhibiting enormous skill with computers, and demanding to do things in their own ways. These children seem to be forerunners of a wonderful time and place in the future. Millennialism has long been a part of American religion as a Christian expectation of a coming period of peace that will radically transform the world.

The term is not a perfect fit for the New Age because it does not necessarily involve a messiah or a thousand year reign, but the term does help to highlight continuities in this expectation that the world is on the verge of a total change for the better.

Indigo Children – Are You an Indigo Child? (New Children or Crystal Children)

Michael York has identified this vision as a sine qua non for the New Age. According to their promoters, they have arrived with the power and the knowledge, indeed the direct mission to transform the world. Virtue saw and spoke with angels as a child, but when her two sons were still young Virtue went back to school, earning her Ph.

A turning point came in when Virtue survived a carjacking incident because she chose that moment to allow herself to begin listening to the advice of her angels. I was able to escape without losing my car, purse, or life. In teaching angel therapy and writing angel prayers Virtue tries intentionally to leave behind the language of her Christian background, and she argues that angels are a part of every religion, even if called by a different name. According to Virtue, the story of the purpose of the Indigo Children begins with the story of Lemuria, a lost paradise in the Pacific similar to Atlantis that entered New Age thought by way of theosophy.

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Not until the s did a surge in interest in spirituality really suggest that anything could change. The angels have informed Virtue that the Indigo Children are here to effect these changes and these children have arrived with a strong-willed sense of their mission. This will mean raising spiritual awareness, but it will also mean making a number of changes on the political and cultural level. They know that the government and legal system is corrupt.

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They know that inequities abound in health care, animal treatment, and the environment. The Indigos are here to level these systems so that we can start over. Finally, though, this is not simply a political change or a cultural change that the Indigo Children bring, but a spiritual change.

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This last point from Virtue opens up a significant point of ambiguity within teachings about Indigo Children. Yet another kind of language around the origin of the Indigo Children is that of evolution, wherein they represent not only a better kind of human being, but even a new race.

However, it appears that understanding who the Indigo Children are and what to do about them now that they are here is far more important than filling in a coherent history and ontology.

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  4. As Hanegraaf has noted, New Agers have tended to be more interested in when the Age of Aquarius is coming and what changes that will mean than in articulating what ages have preceded. The elements of cosmology that are articulated around the Indigo Children also demonstrate a deep ambivalence about the relative value and truth of science and religion. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 20 pages. More Details Friend Reviews.

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    Sort order. For many years I felt trapped by these warnings as impending occurances. However, through counseling and The Lord, I know that I have control over my future. I feel indigos have more of this control than others. Sometimes I feel like people stare at me, perfect strangers look at me like they know me. Many people have asked me this over the years.

    However, strangers seem to avoid me. They never get too close. Even friends keep a physical distance from me. I don't know why but it has always bothered me, I take it personally. I wasn't popular in school but seem to make friends easily. How can people be drawn to me but physically stay their distance? Is it something to do with indigo? I don't know. As far as our wisdom, I don't believe I am wise but I hope to be one day.

    I feel like my soul has been here before, that I know things I shouldn't know or understand concepts very quickly. A drawback is the extremely logical arguments I can have with employers, family and friends. I feel like a know it all sometimes and I don't like that about myself. In my teens, I realy had a difficult time. I had awoken one night from a deep sleep, with heart palpatations and went to my parents room for help.

    The Dr. Never did I experience anything so frightening, but I would later find out, this wouldn't be the last time either. As time went one, I took another trip from a warm bed to a cold hospital, and once again was told it was just a phase I would outgrow My patience were becoming thinner. My Dr. Yes, It helped, but did not erase the problem. It also became evident, that my temper grew quite large, I noticed I was much more, quick to get angry, but didn't understand why? After high school, I needed something to relieve me of the pain I endured through our breakup, I came across an ad for adult school, it was for meditation, so I took the class and enjoyed it very much.

    Needless to say, I rushed back and thought what the hell just happened??? This is real, I'm not crazy, just had an experience that science has yet to explain. Where did I go? Who do I tell??? Nov 22, Rating My indigo awareness going away? But now that seems rare to me because I haven't heard or seen anything lately Hmmm can any of you guys give me tips and techniques to help me raise awareness and vibrations to help me see ghosts and etc.

    And I used to know what people was gonna say when they didn't say it.