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It is difficult to assign exact numbers to a problem like theft in the bar industry because it often goes undiscovered or unreported. The National.
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PCI standards are administered through banks that handle credit card transactions. A major liability of using a POS system as a credit card processor is that transactions are via the Internet and could be hacked and your customer's credit card information stolen. It is important to make sure all your computer firewalls and other safety precautions are periodically updated.

Security cameras are a clear way of letting staff know that they are being monitored, even if you aren't there.

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While this may not be the best way to boost staff morale , if theft is an ongoing problem, cameras may be the quickest and easiest solution. Only the restaurant owner, manager, or head server during their shift should have access to the cash drawer, register, or safe. In some instances, only the owner knows the combination to the safe.

How Your Restaurant Can Plan for the Holidays and Improve Profits

The fewer hands that touch the cash, the less chance of it being stolen. No one wants to think about employees stealing from them.

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After all, as the restaurant owner, you hired these people and put your trust in them. Taking proactive steps like monitoring inventory, installing video surveillance, and updating credit card information can help deter any potential theft by employees. No additional training or time is necessary on the part of management or owner which allows attention to be focused elsewhere. Theft is all too common and may be happening without your knowledge.

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    Restaurant Theft: The 5 Most Common Methods - Loss Prevention Media

    Return 5x of your investment during the first month! Get insights on operational and financial perfomance of each employee. If you notice a spike in the number of checks being voided, you should find out why so many voids are occurring. One way to determine the legitimacy of a voided check is to take an itemized look at what's on the voided check and then cross-reference the items that are easiest to count like non-soda gun or tap beverages and high-end individual food items with what's on premises.

    If nothing is missing, the void is real.

    5 Easy Ways to Reduce Employee Theft in Your Restaurant

    Loss in goods through comps and unrecorded freebies is a major problem for restaurateurs, but understanding why this dynamic is happening is as important as monitoring it. There are many legitimate reasons for comping dishes on a customer's check, as well as some that are outright theft. If a server builds a reputation as someone who regularly comps items or gives away free things , they will gradually build a base of regulars who come in for the freebies. In exchange, these regulars will overtip, usually in cash. In this case, the server is working with the customer to scam the restaurant, because the diner gets a discounted deal and the server gets more money for their time.

    How to Prevent Employee Liquor Theft at a Bar

    Performing random in-person inventory checks is an excellent safeguard against this type of scam, but you should also regularly review comps in the POS system. If there's a spike in comps, and the inventory levels in your restaurant match those recorded in the POS system, there probably isn't a scam happening, but there may be a larger management or kitchen issue at play.

    Servers who are consistently dealing with unhappy customers due to slow service from the kitchen, inadequate inventory running out of popular items or poorly cooked food often feel the need to compensate with free items just to keep the customers happy.

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    • When a real dine-and-dash happens, it causes a discrepancy between the POS sales total and the till, and a fake dine-and-dash does too. During a fake dine-and-dash, a table of paying customers eats a meal and then pays the check in cash. Without the customers knowing, the server pockets all the cash and tells the manager that the customers dined and dashed. The best way to prevent a fake dine-and-dash is to be involved in the business.

      Owners who rarely set foot in their establishments, or who only stop by during certain days and times, open themselves up to bold thefts like this. It is virtually impossible to prevent restaurant theft without a POS system, an inventory management system that's both digital and physical, careful tracking of both profits and expenses, and on-site involvement.

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      Experienced restaurant workers know how things are supposed to run, and they can tell when things aren't being tracked or monitored.