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I haven't gotten into emotional stories before because that's not what I've enjoyed. I've mainly enjoyed adventure stories, mysteries and westerns, because that's what guys like. When it was given to me by the author, Jenni James, I was interested in the father-daughter story, because I have two daughters, but I wasn't prepared for such an emotional and touching story.

I didn't cry, like she insists a reader will in her review, but I did get mi This book is a bit different from others I've read. I didn't cry, like she insists a reader will in her review, but I did get misty-eyed a few times. It is a brilliant story, masterfully written, uplifting and affirming. I am glad to have read it and thank Jenni again for giving it to me.

Highly recommended. Aug 22, Julie Carpenter rated it it was amazing. Oh my I loved, loved, loved this novel. Be sure to have tissues close by. I laughed and cried so much throughout reading this.

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My mother in law introduced me to Jenni's books and lent me her copy of Prince Tennyson. What a sweet little girl and to be in her perspective of what had happened in her family's lives up to that point in her life. What a great story of hope, not just in individual lives but in all the lives around us that we can watch for and help make a difference and bring that h Oh my What a great story of hope, not just in individual lives but in all the lives around us that we can watch for and help make a difference and bring that hope.

Thank you for sharing your stories with us Jenni!!! Jul 26, Laura Bastian rated it it was amazing. It's a fast and easy read.

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One you get into the mind of a child, but can see yourself reflected in her innocence and determination. I had no idea what this book was about when I started reading it. Being used to reading Jenni's Jane Austin remakes I was expecting it to be similar to that, but by the end of the first page I was completely hooked in this story though it wasn't what I had come to it for.

I loved how I could see her father through her eyes and I felt for her. Cried more than I norma It's a fast and easy read. Cried more than I normally do in a story, but it was so worth it. Jenni is a masterful story teller.

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Jun 25, Louise Pledge rated it it was amazing. I, actually, "met" Jenni on a local Facebook garage sale site. The books really appealed to me, so I have bought several, but this is the first I've read. I plan to give it to one of my granddaughters. Oct 15, Cathy rated it it was amazing. This book was so amazing! I loved it, although it did make me cry really hard. Chelsea was so sweet as she went about her way trying to determine if God was real, and just where her dad was. I loved how she enlisted the help of those around her, he mom and even a little boy who went to school with her.

The ending was a tear-jerker, seriously, read this one, but just know that when you read it you are going to cry and cry hard! Apr 19, Marie Engberg rated it it was amazing. Loved this book! Chelsea is a young girl whose father died while serving his country. He died on a Wednesday so she feels all Wednesdays are unlucky for her. She learns how to trust people again.

But she especially learns that she is worth something and that there is a God. This book will make you smile and make you cry. And you will love it. Apr 27, Alyssa The Shady Glade rated it it was amazing. This book will make you sob, it really will. I haven't cried for a book in years minus things like scriptures so I thought I could tough it out, but I didn't make it.

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But at the end, what a wonderfully satisfying emotional experience! Read the rest of my full review at my blog The Shady Glade. Jun 29, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: children-s. This is a children's book and a quick read. It is so beautiful about a little girl's quest to discover whether or not God is real. Her father has recently been killed in Iraq and she is not sure if she believes in God or not.

I love this book. It made me laugh and it made me cry. Apr 20, Miranda rated it it was amazing. When she told me I would cry alot I was thinking ok sure if you say so. Well I did cry starting with chapter 2 tell the very end. It was amazing and uplifting and I am so happy I read it and want to thank Jenni for writing such an fantasic book.

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Oct 08, Erika rated it really liked it. It was touching and moving, I also almost cried. May 31, Annie Harley rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. I was crying. Its sooooo sweet! Jan 05, Emma Peterson rated it it was amazing. It's beautifully written, and everyone of all ages will enjoy this book. It's both heart warming and sad. Definitely one to strum your heart strings.

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Jun 25, Stephanie rated it it was amazing. Enjoyed reading this book. Was quite the tear jerker. Another great great read Jenni!!

Apr 28, Annissa rated it it was amazing. It was a fast read that broke your heart. What a touching story! Heartbreaking and tenderly sweet at the same time. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Jenni James. Jenni James. Books by Jenni James. Trivia About Prince Tennyson. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Published: Oct Buy from our partners. Dear Reader, This book will make you cry.

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This is not a challenge, it is a warning: You will cry. You will laugh, you will heal, and you will hold your loved ones closer. You will be happier once you finish it than when you first picked it up. You will cry. Her dad died in Iraq the year before and now she wants to know if she'll ever see him again. Prince Tennyson was his nickname because of how dashing he looked in his uniform--he was her handsome prince. This is an endearing father-daughter story told through the eyes of a ten-year-old. It is a story of overcoming trials, moving on, and finding not only faith in yourself, but in a loving God as well.