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I kept thinking all week "What the heck have I been eating that I have such baaaad gas??? But the blowouts This is ridiculous!! First and foremost, this is the funniest website ever! Seems like a "support group" for people with problematic farts, if you will. I ate 2 of these bars today and the gas has been unprecedented. Didn't help that I had refried beans with my dinner.

Been going into the bathroom to fart so I don't gas myself out, but the smell attaches itself to my clothes and follows me around the house. Have candles burning but it doesn't overpower the lethal stench I feel trapped! If it's the chickory root that causes these noxious emissions, why must they add this???? What a cruel thing to do! I'm calling the company tomorrow and complaining! Good thing I didn't have a date tonight. Pure and simply the funniest website I have ever visited, ahh yes, the simple pleasures of life. I started eating these things before I went to workout, strenuous activity followed shortly by massive gas.

It took me a week to put two and two together, and walked into a perfect storm of health conscious living. In my naivety I ate one before the workout, followed two hours later by a bowl of Kashi Go Lean with added blueberries, Horrible discomfort, I literally farted times that day, was doing my noxious version of "crop dusting' walking around constantly to try and avoid blame and not stew in my own funk.

It was a life changing experience for me, now forever twinkies and frosted flakes for my fiber, just visit roto rooter for a bi annual flush. Colon cleanse, here I come. Damn, they did taste good, some yin with my yang, that's for sure Fartina's Update - 67 - - Reply. I wrote to General Mills to let them know that although their FiberOne bars are most tasty and satisfying, the gas that they produce is enough to destroy one's will to live. The gas was so bad that I could actually see it, all brown and greasy and hanging over my cubicle, marking me with a shamecloud for all to see and smell.

No, I won't be buying more FiberOne bars with my coupons. Maybe General Mills makes a butt balm. Obfuscation - 68 - - Reply. I'm so glad that I'm not alone. The sad thing is that these bars are so darn tasty.

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It's difficult for me to throw the rest of them away, as I'd purchased 2 boxes of them from CostCo, and they had worked well at staving off my hunger. In any case, these are not to be trifled with. They can't be used for meal replacements, as the human body will happily turbo-process the chicory extract and output something that smells NOTHING like chicory. I can't buy these again, as my wife has threatened me with divorce, decapitation, and dismemberment if I ever eat these again.

Good luck, everyone. On a serious note, Beano actually helps to reduce the gas. You have to consume an inordinately large dose of beano before eating any of these bars. FART - 69 - - Reply. Fiber One Farter - 70 - - Reply. Hello, my name is and I am a Fiber One fartaholic. My wife brought home a Costco size box of these things. OMG never again. They stopped me in my tracks while on my afternoon run. Had I a pin, I would have popped myself to relieve the pain. But all I could do was pretend I was tying my shoes, arse up in the air, trying to get some relief.

I'm thinking we should take the rest of the box up to our state legislature for their next session. Would that make me a terrorist? Vibrating butt cheeks - 71 - - Reply.

Sweet Farts by Raymond Bean

They need to have, 'Purchase one box of Fiber One' and recieve a free air freshener. Seriously, That wouldn't even help. I walk around with a can of 'Hawaiian Breeze". The sad thing is, I can make my own breeze now! It's just not Hawaiian!

The most popular guy in class saved me from my own fart - Clip from 'Sweet Revenge 1' w/ Cha Eunwoo

Ryan - 72 - - Reply. My abs went from bakery rolls to a six pack after reading all these comments. I'm still wiping tears from my face!! My mom loves to buy Fiber One bars to snack on and I would always eat them when I'm at my parents house because they taste so good, but I never thought of putting farts and these bars together. Now that I think about it, I DID have some pretty horrible gas after eating them but always thought it was the beer I drank or some kind of bad cheese.

Needless to say I'm definitely buying these when I want to prank someone!! I can't escape myself! My cousin had the Fiber One bars, and I decided to try one cuz I was hungry. Mmmm - tasty! I went to grab another one and she warned me that I would be sorry. I decided to ignore the warning - big mistake! About 2 hours later, I was attending a worship service at a local church I spent the entire time seated, thanking the good Lord above for the cushioned seat and the very loud christian rock band playing.

Oh, and unbelievably, the frequent thunderous explosions blowing out of my ass had no smell. Again, thank you dear Jesus. Khalid - 74 - - Reply. Help me please I do not know this thing Sour Fart long considered not find anything about what the materials used in this game and they knew how to use food and bacteria that I am an Arab from the damp and the names of Khalid Thank you for Emily q8. Hye - 75 - - Reply. I really enjoyed it. I am from Denmark and know bad English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "Even if you paid half as much for your ticket as.

Fartizzle - 76 - - Reply. I'm crying here at work. This is histerical! These "Granola Granades" don't effect my mom at all, but me Anyway, my daughters like to repeat what my farts sound like. Sometimes it sounds like Windy Nights - 77 - - Reply. Was really hungry and missed lunch. Grabbed a box of the Fiber Ones went back to my office. Had lots of work to do so ate a "few of them" mindlessly while answering emails. Forgot that I had yoga class late that afternoon. The gas hit me on my way to yoga. I seriously considered aborting but thought I could just run into the rest room if I needed to.

Spent nearly the whole class 1 hour in the bathroom. The first explosive release was so loud that it rattled the window in the bathroom. I knew for sure they had heard it out on the floor where the other people were deep in some relaxing yoga pose. The rest of the time I mastered the method of bending over and pulling my butt cheeks apart so that the sound would just be a rush of "air" coming out.

One occurrence was so forceful that the magazine pages rustled in the ensuing wind storm. I did not think the gas would ever stop coming. No more Fiber One bars unless I am by myself away from civilization! This website has been a total relief literally. I fell in love with the Fiber 1 Chocolate and Oats bars only 2 points on weight watchers and thought I found a great snack to keep with me. The first day I had no problem, the next day I noticed I was a little gassy.

Then yesterday I ate two and was in so much pain. My husband is laughing hysterically that I'm spending this much time researching farts and gas, but I just knew that this was normal. Thanks to all of you Farters out there, I finally feel relief Our 9 year old son loves these Satan-spawned bars.

How to stop dogs farting excessively

Coming back from a recent visit to relatives, our younger daughter was feeling sick. All of a sudden a stench that can only be compared to a hog confinement lot on a hot day assailed my nose. I heard the words "go bathroom", and I screamed at my husband to pull off the interstate. I was sure my younger daughter had had a diarrheal blowout. As we swerved to the nearest exit I told her to unbuckle so she could run to the bathroom.

She said, "Why? Needless to say when we got to the rest stop the 9 year old son used the facilities. No more fiber one bars on car trips. My husband believed it must of been the cows until I showed him this site. Stan - 80 - - Reply. My wife and I can't stop laughing. I found these great new bars I feel my stomach is being inflated with a pump. We went to the movies and it was so difficult to hold the farts in.

We came home and googled Fiber ones bars make me fart and this sight came up. Thanks everyone for sharing your stories. I just can't stop farting I'm taking these bars back and can't wait until they ask me why! Too bad that they taste so good! Mama farts Alot - 81 - - Reply.

I farted for like a minute straight last night shortly after eating a Fiber One Bar.


Luckily, my 8 year old was in the room to blame it on. Thank you for this. Having never tried them, I didn't realize until day 3 that it was the bars!! It was quite pungent, to put it nicely. The flavor was amazing, but the aftermath is just more than this family can bear They'll be used as gifts for sure, in the future. I'm 18, and I heard really good things about these bars. I had my mother buy them thinking, "Fiber is good for you! These past 2 days have been unbelievable! I'm still in high school and it is complete torture having to squeeze my little butt checks together with every "FIBER" in my being so I don't embarrass myself in front of my classmates!

MY GAS.. Oh dear Jesus. Sir Gas A lot - 84 - - Reply. General Mills sent me a free box of Fiber One bars in the mail as others have mentioned, as part of their Word-of-Mouth program. The funny part about it is that the name of their WOM program is "Psst My thought is that this is just a giant April Fool's day prank by General Mills. I mean I couldn't eat these things on the go.

The only thing that I changed is eating those bars everyday. Sure enough, I found this page. They certainly are powerful things!!!!! M - 86 - - Reply. I ate two of these bars on Saturday and another on Sunday. I couldn't figure why I was passing so much gas all day long and into the night. He gave me the dirtiest look and told me to knock it off. I told him I couldn't help it, that I was feeling bloated, crampy and had to let it out. Sunday night, I mentioned to my 18 year son I was having a bit of a problem with gas he had heard them ripping throughout the day. He then asked me if I had been eating the Fiber One bars and I told him yes.

He said he finally figured it out when he himself had eaten a few, had been getting some cramps and was passing gas like crazy. He said he's not eating anymore. Well I have quite a few left and not wanting them to go to waste, I'll see if eating one every other day makes a difference. Probably not though. I shouldn't have told my husband and encouraged him to try them JuicyGirl - 87 - - Reply.

I ate one this morning and went to the chiropractor in the afternoon. Big mistake! When she pushed on me, there were cracks coming from more than just my back! That Wasn't Me, I Swear! I started working as a cashier at a local food retailer [which will remain unnamed] and began to gain a lot of weight because of the Snickers bars and Kit Kats that i would consume because of the easy access.

When I heard about Fiber One bars I became instantly infatuated. I loved the thought of eating healthy and saving some money. I bought 2 boxes of the oats and chocolate bars [because they were on sale] on a Friday and immediately began devouring the whole box over the period of that weekend. It had gotten so bad that by Monday when I would request change from my managers they would send some poor unknowing fool over to me because they couldn't stand the toxic fumes that seemed to levitate around me. Now when I see an unsuspecting victim I make it a point to warn them of the health hazards created by these stink bombs.

Death bubbles - 89 - - Reply. OMG I am laughing more than I have laughed in ages. Wheezing laughing! I am planning on buying these and leaving them out in my classroom- I have students that are always taking things that do not belong to them I, too, googled Fiber one and google's auto completes' first entry was "fiber one gas" PLUS I guess you only find this web site funny if you have personally experienced the fiber one's death bubbles.

My husband doesn't think this is funny at all. I am sneaking one into his diet, then he'll get the joke. Fartaholic - 90 - - Reply. Ive been eating these things the past few days and its fartville in our house! Blame it on the kids - 91 - - Reply. I like many others I bought fiber one bars in an effort to eat healthy My farts are so disgusting and never ending I am forced to blame them on the students in my 1st grade class. I know its bad.

I'm glad I'm not alone in my fiber one fart journey. Rudy Tooty - 92 - - Reply. In my last trip to the grocery store, I bought a new brand of hummus and Fiber One bars for the first time. Curious as to why I've been dropping uncontrollable stink bombs for the past two days and suspecting the hummus , I sat here innocuously munching on a Fiber One bar and Googling "foods that cause gas.

I've eaten six in the past two days. Two Maximum Strength Gas-X have still not helped me. I'm overtired too because the volume and reverberation of my farts wakes me up whenever one slips out in my sleep. They feel like nice big wholesome farts too, yet bring no relief. I have a doctor's appointment at I hope she doesn't make me sit on the exam table and wait for too long.

There's nowhere for me to sneak off to, and my dirty deed will be painfully obvious. They were really tasty, though. Butt Blow-out - 94 - - Reply. I seriously thought it was just me I see a lot of people eating these things and figure, "they look good, I'll try one My boss keeps a big box of them on the shelf behind his desk. Now I know why he has his door closed all the time! I tried one and thought, "Oh, hey, yum! That was mighty good! I'll have a second! It turned my colon into a turbine.

Data Protection Choices

A turbine into which whole grains got thrown into. I not only farted uncontrollably, I had probably the worst case of fart-arrhea I have ever encountered in all of my 33 years. Yet I keep eating them. Damn you, Fiber One. Tony - 95 - - Reply. I found this web page by doing a google search on fiber farts. It is true for my body that these fiber one foods make a lot of gas. I was so bloated that my heart was hurting. This was so embarasing that I had to go home from work early.

My exhaust pipe hurts now and I don't every want to see one of those fart bars again. Thanks for the funny web page. Tony - 96 - - Reply. If I could figure out how to run my car on this gas I could drive across the entire country on one box of these farty bars. Thanks General Mills. I made the mistake of consuming two of these before boarding a plane.

I was so embarassed I pretended to be asleep for the entire two hour flight. Two guys sitting behind me said they were flying "Smelta. Ange - 98 - - Reply. Okay this is too much! Can barely catch my breathe! I have never had a fiber one bar and I never will but I am sure thinkign up pranks for the use! I was thinking as I am a substitute teacher it would be funny to provide these as a snack to the entire school population lets say 45 minutes to an hour beforea school wide assembly on a cold winter day with doors and windows all shut!

Could you just imagine the sounds coming off the tile floors and ooden benches and the smell dang! Oh my hmmmmmmmmmmmmm would try it but they'd never accept me back to sub or think of hiring me! So guess it will remain a thought instead on an action!

Wow, google led me to the right information!! I thought my body was betraying me in the worst way! Too bad they taste so damn good!! I will be giving these out to coworkers that piss me off!! Thanks for the laughs! Rachael - - - Reply. It's great to see that other people experience the same crazy gas problems from Fiber One bars that I do!

And it's not just these bars, but any large amount of fruit ie, melon too. Now I know better than to eat these in public. It's such a relief to get home and finally let it all out! I love fiber, but the gas is really a problem! Ever since I upped my intake of fibrous sp? Chanda - - - Reply. Dang, and I loved this Fiber One bar But it makes me fart insanily. I use them now for boyfriend torture. Fiber One rocks. They taste great and they produce mind blowing flatulence. Seriously, these things give me the wind like no other.

The Fiber One farts feel great like proper farts should, but they don't stink. Although, the farts I do the following morning smell B.. I get these attacks of farts chained together that last upwards of like 20 seconds sometimes. I'm going to start recording them my friends who think I'm exaggerating about these things will see. A couple of choice varieties of FOF's fiber one farts are what I call the Door Knock, which is a basically a string of fart "syllables" that sort of sounds like someone knocking at the door.

Then, there's the Harley. That one is pretty self explanatory. Thank You General Mills. Happy Farting! Death - - - Reply. These things are horrendous. She is not effected, yet I feel like the atomic bomb went off inside me. I eat quite a bit of fiber so it must be the chicory root extract. I was searching to find a remedy to make the pain go away, and I found this. Fiber One bars could be the next weapon of mass destruction. These things are terrible!!! I'm fine, but my girlfriend My body is like a tank My girlfriend on the other hand She holds her farts in all day at work, and I usually swing by and pick her up afterwards.

After I get her it is a 7 block ride home and she nearly farted the entire ride. I think it was like a 2 minute gas seepage out of her ass. Absolutely unreal! I could relate to all of these stories. Yes once I started eating these delicious bars the fats started. Amber - - - Reply. I love fiber one bars and kellogs new fiber plus bars because they taste so good, but the unfortunate exploding gas issue made me not be able to eat them.

I tried to outsmart the bar by using gas-x and beano, it did not work and I ended up farting through a 6 hour lecture, it could not be stopped and i am pretty sure the people around me won't sit next to me next lecture or ever again. Bruce - - - Reply. These things are SO powerful I ate a whole box in 20 minutes and farted for three whole days. It was terrible because I couldn't leave my house for three days straight. It was not good. Bobbi - - - Reply. Oh man. I'm just rolling here. I eat them with a piece of fruit for breakfast soem mornings. I grabbed quite a few boxes.

My 8 year old daughter asked if she could have one. I said sure! Well, it was so good, she wanted a second one. I warned her, I really did. About 2 hours later she was out riding her bike and came running in the house clenching her butt cheeks together. She said, "Wow, Mom. You warned me but I had NO idea. I asked if she'd pooped her pants, but no.

Just some serious, frightening gas. She loves them, but will now never eat more than one in a day. Smart girl. Watch out for that chicory root in other products! Smartfood Popcorn clusters have it- yikes! Of course I found out after eating itluckily only one calorie bag. At least one fart for each calorie This stuff makes for mammoth amounts of methane and never ending farts.

After hearing how "yummy" the Oatmeal chocolate chip Fiber One Bars were I couldn't wait to try them.

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  • Wow they were awesome sweet and crunchy just like a candy bar so instead of having one I ate 2 well later on that afternoon I was going to the local warehouse to do some grocery shopping and felt this sudden urgent need to use the bathroom, of course I was in the back of the store and couldn't have been further away from the restrooms, so I grabbed my purse and literally ran through the store I am sure the people running the security cameras thought I was trying to escape with something but before I could make it to the bathroom I had shit in my pants while still running to the bathroom I was so mortified this has never happened to me before I literally had to wash out my pants in the bathroom and thank God I had a jacket on so I could tie it around my waist.

    I went home immediatley and spent the next several hours with explosive diarriah. WTF is in these things that would make you lose total control like that. Unfortunately, I threw the rest of the box away and needless to say won't be buying them again. They should put a dam warning on their packaging to put on Depends if you plan on leaving your house after eating these. Fartypants - - - Reply. I too let out about farts from laughing so hard while reading this page.

    I just walked into my boyfriends house and ran to the bathroom to explode! I thought I was going to shit my pants. I had a Kashi frozen meal for lunch and have had gas pains all day! What is with fiber and farts? I decided to do a little research and up pops this page. The first time was the last time Id ever eat a Fiber One bar! Those things are screaming I am going to mess with you all day and make you fart like you have never farted before. The worst thing about the day that I ate the bars was being at work where you can't fart. The air bubbles build up inside your stomach and roar up through your insides like you are going to burp out the deadliest fart!

    I threw the rest of the box away! All of you are telling the honest truth, these things are from hell!! I ate 2, two mind you and i have had the most terrible stomach ache and runs and gas etc. I will never eat those horrid things again. Benefiber is for me or activia yogart!! I am so relieved to find this website! Listen, I am a naturally gassy person anyway, so before yesterday, I thought I had mastered the art of the silent killer farts and fart deflection blaming it on someone else.

    Good GOD. Seriously, that's what it is. I feel like I've been run over by a truck and instead of being paralyzed, I just have the runs every 15 minutes and in between bathroom trips I put on fireworks shows out my ASS. I am so glad it's not just me. I asked one of my friends this morning, "Do you think it's possible for a granola bar to kick your ass? She was wrong. Fiber One Eater - - - Reply. I ate like 4 fiber one bars today.. I was thinking "oh, theyre good for me". I was wrrrong. I mean Ive had those before but never ate that many. All day ive been having REAL bad gas, its terrible!!

    I was wondering what was wrong with me so I looked up "4 fiber one bars" and somehow I came across "fiber one side effects-gas and stomach cramps Overview Keith Emerson discovered the cure for the common fart when he invented Sweet Farts. Product Details About the Author. Age Range: 9 - 11 Years. About the Author Raymond Bean has always dreamed of writing books.

    Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. All the Good Parts. At thirty-nine, Leona Accorsi is broke, single, back in school, and living in her sister View Product. Caught Dead. Police suspect it's a gang murder when they find a jacket at the scene, bearing the emblem of Cuando desapareciste: John Marrs. House of Bathory. During bizarre nightly rites, she tortured and killed the young women she had taken on as servants. A devil, a demon, the Love Me Sweet. Bell Harbor is a one-million copy bestselling series. Not available in stores. The following ISBNs are associated with this title:.

    ISBN - Look for similar items by category:. Sweet Farts 1. Prices and offers may vary in store. Audio Book CD. Someone has been farting up a storm at school and everyone thinks Keith Emerson is to blame. Unfortunately for Keith, it has earned him the nickname "S.