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The plan was to make a giant loop through the top of Arizona, drive to the bottom of the state, then head back to the middle, see the Grand.
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Road Trip Las Vegas to California and back. Part 2

Then crank up the tunes and drive old Route 66, stopping at the Hackberry General Store, in Arizona, for its collection of Route 66 memorabilia. Onward to the Grand Canyon! Breakfast burritos and other roadside eats highlight this superloop exploring back roads of the Land of Enchantment. Pie Town, on the Continental Divide, really does have the best pie, from apple to coconut cream. Nearby, listen in on the universe at the strangely beautiful Very Large Array radio telescope facility. Still dreaming of the stars? Head south to the site of Spaceport America, near the town of Truth or Consequences.

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Pro tip: Keep your eyes peeled for petroglyphs, which are drawings on stone walls by ancient civilizations. Think of it as old-school graffiti. Distance from Las Vegas: 65 miles west; 1. Heck, even Vince Neil is planning to open a bar here soon, which may or may not be a good thing.

Pro tip: Check out the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, considered by many to be the top weapons training and self-defense school in the world. Distance from Las Vegas: 98 miles southeast; 1. They are a little nicer and tend to have a better view. Distance from Las Vegas: miles west; 2. Distance from Las Vegas: miles northeast; 2.

Pro tip: Not all hiking trails are created equal. The infamous Angels Landing is a 2. It even comes with a warning sign with the number of people who have died on the trail. We were faced with all tours being sold out trying for 3 months. We were fortunate in keeping trying after arrival and found one tour at 4pm where a whole busload had cancelled and considered ourselves very lucky to get in at all.

The only other thing I might mention is the severe overcrowding in GC, you might consider catching the free bus outside the park purple and not even trying to drive through. Although the bus was SRO we found it less stressful than dealing with the traffic. Wow 6 months out?! I blame Instagram. Last year we were still able to get tour spots about a month beforehand. Glad you were able to get a spot on an Antelope Canyon tour!

Awesome post, Amanda. I never get to half of them, but always get to yours! I have a question about the inconic photo that is heading your post. The long straight road. Where exactly is this taken? That specific road is U. Highway , just before you get to Monument Valley coming from the north. I loved this post. Question: Is it better to do this clockwise or counter clockwise. I am thinking of whether sun will be behind us if we go counter clockwise. How about sunrise or sunset destinations in this trip, would clockwise or counter clockwise be better?

Hi Thanking you for this wonderful blog. Our recent 9 day trip to Utah was primarily based on this with small changes. It all worked out fine and the weather too cooperated. Keep up the good work , I sure enjoy your travel blogs. Great post! As far as the Upper Antelope Canyon tours, are there multiple tour companies? Is there a specific tour company you can recommend?

Getting to the Grand Canyon from Los Angeles

Hey Mark! As for Upper Antelope Canyon tours, yes there are a couple different companies, but they all offer basically the same tour. Hi Amanda! Could you please tell me how many days you spent in each city? Trying to do my itinerary for a road trip in September. You blog is Amazing!!! Help me a lot with this post!!! Thank you for all tips! Very excited for my road trip! I literally followed this itinerary, which was a total of 10 days! Thanks for all the good tips and pictures. I did my research stumbling upon A Dangerous Business travel blog which covered a lot of the places I wanted to visit and turned out to be extremely […].

We are a an averagely fit 62 year old couple from New Zealand but will be doing this trip in mid Dec this year as attending a Conf in Vegas prior. Will this itineary still work?? Any red flags or changes you recommend. We already have an Annual Pass as bought it 2 months ago while we took a holiday in Yellow Stone!

Hey Kamal! This itinerary should be do-able in December, but just note that you might run into snow in some of the higher-elevation parks. Just make sure to pack some warm layers! Thanks Amanda. Will report back after the trip. We have booked Mawsik Lodge for 2 nights at GC and also extending to Sedona for another days prior to return to Vegas. Are there any special accomodation or tours we need to book at this time of the year as it should not be too busy I think.

Thx a lot for this great discription of your perfect road trip. As we have 14 nights, we are very lucky to be able to spend a little more time. So we probably will stay the first night in Vegas to handle the jet-lag and see the city although it should be very crowded at weekends. If you have any other recommendations I would be very happy to hear from you. Kind regards from germany Frank. Hi Frank! If you have more time, then I definitely recommend spending some extra time in some of these places. You could easily devote more time to pretty much all the national parks!


I would LOVE to do this one day. Haha feel free to steal away! Thank you for this post!! This is like, the exact road trip that my husband and I want to do some day! We really want to rent a car with a roof-top tent on it and camp around the National Parks as well! Good to know about the tours of Antelope Canyon! We used to do a lot when we were in California. If we were to do another road trip in the future, the American Southwest would definitely be it! This is my dream road trip, and your pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for all of your great tips! Hi Amanda, Great blog with pictures!

What would you recommend for an itinerary? You could do 6 days in Zion, Bryce, and that part of Utah. Or you could fly into Arizona and visit the Grand Canyon and the stuff around Page. Either option would mean less driving time, and more time to fully explore each place! This is probably the best blog post about a Southwest road trip I have yet to see!

What Car Are You Driving?

Thank you so much for all the great tips and details. My husband and I are going next April! I printed out your itinerary for a road trip with my son and it was so helpful!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to post this valuable information. It was a trip of a lifetime!! This is an amazing article. Thanks for writing such a detailed, photo-ful, linked itinerary. We did our trip recently, the big add from your post was Upper Antelope. That was absolutely incredible. Thanks for your post. Looking forward to hitting more of them later.

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Great to read. How crowded was upper antelope? Upper, lower or x-canyon. It gets pretty crowded in the summer — but the number of people is regulated by the fact that you have to book a guided tour. Lower Antelope will be less busy, but you can only see the light beams at Upper Antelope around midday. The different tour groups carefully manage that.

We went with Adventurous Antelope Canyon Tours and were very happy but everyone on other tours seemed happy too. Oh, we must have been replying at the same time. My comment is in no way disagreeing with Amanda who I would defer to on all info about this area. We were there in April but every tour was sold out so I assumed that was indicative of how busy it could get. Thank you for this awesome detailed post! I would love to do this with my family.

They have spring break for 10 days starting March 8th. With you having snow in April…I wonder if this is not a good time to visit. The kids really want to go to four corners. Could you suggest where we couod possibly shave a day to allow for it? Thank you so much!! It would still be chilly in the parks and towns at higher elevations in March.

But this itinerary is doable year-round! Thank you for this!!! I love everything about this plan! This article also show me new places. Thank you, thank you! This is great information Amanda! We are planning a family Southwest RV trip for next summer. I do have some concerns about certain parks not allowing RVs Monument Valley being one of them. Do you know of any other parks that do allow RVs to enter the park?

I came across this site about a year ago and have planned our itinerary almost identical to this. Great information. Do you know if there are still any good observation points on the first 3 miles of scenic drive? Hey Dean! We just returned from our 2 week road trip. A fantastic adventure.

Every place we visited was unique and the drive through Grand Staircase-Escalante was epic. We did Sedona too. Thanks again for this itinerary. Would love to get your thoughts and opinions on our itinerary rough draft we came up with for our upcoming July trip to the Southwest.

We have a full 2 weeks so we basically took your 10 day trip, flipped it backwards and expanded a little. We are starting in Phoenix and ending in Las Vegas. Because we are inexperienced with traveling out west we would love any input you may have. We tried to leave a little time during our trip to do a little fishing and the boys wanted to get a little disc golf in if possible. Please let me know the best way to share our itinerary with you. Hi Vivian! You can feel free to email me: adangerousbusiness gmail.

My husband can only be with us for a week. Any specific recommendations for north rim? The North Rim is much quieter than the South — but note that the North Rim is only open during the summer! So be sure to check, depending on when you plan to visit. Skip to content. Some posts on this site contain affiliate links, meaning if you book or buy something through one of these links, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you!

Read the full disclosure policy here. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Megan Red Around The World 3 years ago. Amanda 3 years ago. Dominique 3 years ago. Erin Southerland 3 years ago. Julie Earth Trekkers 3 years ago. Cez of eTramping 3 years ago. Jamie 3 years ago. I mean, Ohio is still pretty cool, but Utah is just so stunning! Dianne Rucker 3 years ago. Cheryl 3 years ago. Sanjeev 3 years ago. Hope you have a fantastic trip, wherever it takes you! Julie 3 years ago. It was still a must for me, too! Pilot Mark 3 years ago.

Jose Dihiansan 3 years ago. Glad you found it useful, Jose! Christian 3 years ago. David F 3 years ago. Victoria The British Berliner 3 years ago. I totally agree with you. When visiting America, a roadtrip is the way to go! But perhaps not just now…. Ijana Loss 3 years ago. Yeeling 3 years ago. Travel eTA Canada 3 years ago. The Southwest has some of the best rock formations anywhere!