Manual The Illness That Healed Me - An Account of Sexual Abuse and the Journey Into Healing

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Janice M. Weinheimer is the mother of nine children and note taking and highlighting while reading The Illness That Healed Me - An Account of Surviving Sexual Abuse and the Journey Into Healing .
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Bremner JD. Effects of traumatic stress on brain structure and function: relevance to early responses to trauma. J Trauma Dissociation. Cumulative childhood stress and autoimmune diseases in adults. Psychosom Med. Association between childhood trauma and physical disorders among adults in the United States. Psychol Med ;— Childhood sexual and physical abuse and the 1-year prevalence of medical problems in the National Comorbidity Survey. Health Psychol. Department of Veterans Affairs. Accessed September 20, Wilson DR. Health Consequences of childhood sexual abuse.

Perspect Psychiatr Care. Wilson DR, Warise L. Cytokines and their role in depression. Mariesa R. I was abused by a youth pastor, my mother was chasing drugs and men at that time and too busy to notice. I mostly blame god because I thought I was making all the right decisions. I went to church 6 out of 7 days a week. I reported the crime to the police and nothing happen to the abuser. I though I had blocked those memories and was ready to seek justice so I contacted the police department when I originally filed when I was a minor.

I requested police reports and to reopen the case. Not knowing the second victim had requested the same. When I went to the sentencing every emotion came back. I was that scared 11 year old girl. I was terrified and I kept smelling the scent of the old house, his cologne, hearing him sing choir helms in my head. I starting crying uncontrollably. There was no weight lifted he had already attacked 3 more girls since my attack so I felt worst. If the police would have convicted him then they could have given me more piece of mind or even offered couseling.

I received a lifetime of tears and pain feeling victimized for what? So he can be sexually satisfied? This world id so messed up, imagine a leader of the community praying on sunday but abusing young girls whom already come from broken homes. Then you have the congregation hiding and defending this man to save face. Yes, this all happen in the black church. I never really got the chance to find me.

I been having health problems as well. My niece just died from an overdose. She always kept her distance from me. She was actually named after me. I found out that she was molested by her father at a young age. Her funeral was on Monday. I could never figure out what her problem was. I always thought she was born with evil in her.

I know that sounds terrible. When I saw her in her coffin she looked horrible. She was in her addition for 5 months. Well, her father and 2 of my other brothers had molested me from the age of 6 to I have had horrible problems in school as a child. Bad grades. It was a miracle that I finished college. I have always lived a reckless life from a very young age I wanted to find and do any drug I could. I went to a rehab and it straightened me out drug wise. But I still drink alcohol. I have my life together and am a great mother but I do have an autoimmune disease. It goes away if I stop drinking for a week.

My niece has a very rare disease called Eosiniphillic Esophaghitis , which went away eventually. Coincidentally I had the same diagnosis for about 1 year a couple of year ago. It is horrible. I always thought she was faking it because she just seemed like a phony. But then I got it. I feel horrible now. All along I could have helped her. I would have done everything to help her. There was hope for her, but now she is dead and buried. I was severely abused by my father from age And this article hit right on the money.

I have an autoimmune disease that started when I was Severe depression, migraines, joint pain, anxiety, weight problems. I am now 27 and still struggle with the effects of the abuse. Thankfully a couple years ago I was able to get some counseling, lost a lot of weight and tried to get a handle on my health.

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While I do feel better, I still deal with my autoimmune disease and the pain and other symptoms that come with it. Also still have regular migraines, anxiety, depression, and nightmares. Though I think some things we survivors may never overcome, just learn to handle them the best we can. I grew up at the age of six being continually mollested by my step dad. I am humbled by the ripple this article has made, and continues to make. While this article is getting a little old, it still is true and evidenced-based.

We do better understand how the trauma influences immune function since this was written. Your stories touch my heart and I wish you all gentle and loving healing paths. Many of you will go on with your healing to make change and protect other children, and I thank you now. My husband shared about his childhood sexual abuse after about seven years of marriage. This article is in sync with so many things he has experienced and as a spouse, have witnessed. Rage, distrust, anxiety, general feeling of numbness to everything. Nothing seems to help. I would also like to say how important it is for articles like these or anything media related, to ALWAYS say women AND men when talking about abuse or using examples of people who were abused.

Only using the word women, continues the isolation abused men feel and the under-education regarding male CSA victims. When he forced me to give his friend a hand job, I knew I was alone and nobody would protect me.

The Illness That Healed Me--an account of surviving sexual abuse and the journey into healing

I wish there was somewhere or someone for men to talk to. The only thing I found online states that I can have no expectation of privacy and they can use my information in any way they see fit. When women speak up, the sympathy flows freely and there is help available. I never knew it was related. Psoriatic nails and arthritis. Anismus and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

But this whole week I been thinking about and trying to seek help as I been dealing with it on my on.

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With constant drug abuse, food, sex and just peer anger. I am either happy at time or completely shitty person not just to myself but to my own family. I really never talked about this touchy but very touchy subject but I have to break free or I am gonna die from this. God please help me. My dad began molesting me when I was 3 years old.

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The abuse lasted until I was in middle school. I was molested by an exchange student living in my moms house when I was 7. My school mate molested me when I was I was raped violently at 15 losing my virginity and continued for months by a boy from school that I liked. I was molested by a doctor when I was I was raped again when I was 21 which was very violent. And raped again by another man when I was I am now It has been a very hard long journey of self harm self abuse. I started shooting up heroim at 15 and struggled with it ever since. I just got 1 year sober yesterday. Fighting for my life.

I used to suffer from a lot of horrible nightmares of abusers coming back and doing it again. My rapist would always have blood in his eyes. I try to always think positively and attract positive things. Counseling can bring up some painful memories and the survivor might need extra support at these times. You could also check in with the survivor after the session and ask if they would like to discuss it. Pushing for information could be counter-productive. As the survivor had the traumatic experience of having sex used against them, the idea of having sex could be terrifying.

For some survivors, the sexual touch of someone they trust can have a profoundly healing effect. For others, it can be extremely traumatic. This is largely dependent on the time lapsed since the event, the nature of the event, the support the survivor has received, and whether they feel comfortable with the partner. Once again, communication is important.

If the rape occurred recently, it might be helpful to wait a while before broaching the topic of sex. The timing depends on how comfortable the survivor is. When both parties feel comfortable enough to discuss it, you should discuss how to approach sex in a way that allows the survivor to feel totally in control.

Discuss which acts they would like to avoid and which types of touch are difficult to bear. It is usually best for the partner to be patient and let the survivor initiate sex.

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As always, it is of the utmost importance to obtain clear and enthusiastic consent. Remind the survivor that you will stop as soon as they want.

Men Need To Talk About Their Sexual Abuse - Seth Shelley - TEDxUNBC

During sex, ensure that they are feeling happy and safe. By using casual phrases to check in on them, you can gauge how they are feeling without making them feel as if you are treating them with kid gloves — something which survivors could find frustrating, disempowering and patronising. Would you like me to stop? How can I make you feel more comfortable? Constant, honest and open communication is key in any sexual relationship, but it is particularly important when your partner has survived sexual abuse. Make a point of prioritizing it.

Many survivors can be triggered by certain things that they associate with the rape. This is to say that certain things can cause them to relive the experience of being raped, or to have flashbacks, nightmares, or panic attacks. Triggers can also cause the survivor to experience other aspects of RTS — such as depression, anxiety and insomnia — more intensely. A trigger could have an immediate effect or a delayed effect. It can affect the survivor for a short period of time, or it could start the onset of a long period of intensified depression and anxiety.

Triggers differ for every survivor. Some might be triggered by smells and places they associate with their rape. Others might be triggered by the anniversary of their rape. Sexual touch can be triggering for many survivors. The partner should stop doing whatever they are doing, if that was the trigger.

The next priority should be to comfort the survivor.

Ask the survivor what you could do. Some survivors want to be left alone, while others prefer being held. It could be helpful to distract the survivor by telling a story or singing. The partner could also encourage the survivor to describe the safe space to them. I encourage all survivors to try out different techniques in managing triggers — there is definitely no one-size-fits-all glove that comes with healing after trauma.

Once the survivor feels safe enough to discuss it, it could be helpful to talk about what triggered the survivor and how this could be avoided in future.

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Canyons of my soul,. Shadow sculpts exquisite beauty. Healing in tandem from chronic Lyme disease and childhood sexual abuse may seem like a puzzling challenge. Yet, the Adverse Childhood Experience research conducted by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control shows a strong link between childhood trauma and the manifestation of serious illness in adults. In my case, the secret I held about being sexually abused as an adolescent compromised my immune system and opened the door for the attack of an autoimmune disease in the form of Lyme. After suffering for eight years from the catastrophic effects of chronic Lyme disease that contributed to mental illness, I discovered a long-sought method to heal myself.

On January 4, , I was shown the pathway to health — a way to heal the past in the present while riding myself of a debilitating sickness. At once, even before I was fully recovered, I knew I had a calling to write my story of healing — a mission to offer hope for others seeking well-being. While writing The Gift of the Circle , opening up about my trauma of sexual abuse, was a significant step in my overall recovery. Other than with my therapist, the first time I publicly shared my abuse experience was during a writers workshop led by author, Jedwin Smith, when I read aloud my story.

When I started to read, I was scared no one would like me after that.