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Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. PreSchool-Grade 3 - This over- the-top, tall-tale style picture book is supposedly "the true story of what happened .
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Law, but that affinity tripled when she preached pure gospel truth last fall: Your relationship is real when you can fart in front of each other. That ability and freedom speaks to a very specific comfort. It's the pinnacle of intimacy, for sure, albeit probably not a very cinematic or fairytale one, in most people's WRONG opinions.

Farts, though, have a bit of a secret identity, if you will. The gas we pass through a certain channel gets a bad rep, but in reality, it can be pretty interesting, telling stuff.

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There's a lot you don't know about farts. Most likely. There's seriously no point in ignoring farts. They are a part of literally every person's daily routine. The average human breaks wind between 10 and 20 times a day. Be it farts' notorious aroma component which, to be fair, does not apply to all farts or the fact that, well, they enter this mortal world via the portal that is our butts—whatever the reason, farts have been relegated as general taboo, allowed to emerge only in joke form and only in certain circumstances.

I propose we all call BS on this silly practice and start our collective rejection of a fart-fearing culture with a little education. For starters, here's some interesting facts about farts that's probably new information to you:.

Why do we fart?

Please note: I'm not advising you run around cutting the cheese constantly. Hear me out.

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  7. Remember, farts are essentially a cocktail of various gases—mostly nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane only a tiny portion of that actually smells. When your body naturally wants to push something out and you consciously won't allow it, it's not like all that flatulence disappears. Instead, the gas can erode parts of the intestinal wall, creating pockets called diverticula.

    And if the diverticula get infected, the painful condition diverticulitis may develop. Also, weak spots may develop along the colon which ain't no picnic. Because, when you're knocked out, how could you ever hope to hold that in? You can't!

    Do Cow Farts Actually Contribute to Global Warming?

    Therefore, you potentially risk a newly-snagged sexual conquest overhearing your unconscious butt trumpet. That is, if you don't hear them first—because according to this very official Reddit chain, sleep farting is normal. Typically, it's safe to assume bottoms are clothed while farting. That clothing acts as a filter , combing the wind any potentially passes bacteria—primarily streptococcus pyogenes , which can summon all sorts of upsetting health issues including actual skin-eating disease.

    But without that first line of clothing defense, there's no telling. One denizen of the Internet recorded his farts as vocals for a metal track. It is scientifically proven that one becomes habituated to the stinks and odours one's own body generates. Source: Rinse Daily. Source: YouTube. Source: Thought Catalog. Source: Giphy. Source: Business Insider. Source: Reddit. Research proves that sniffing small amounts of hydrogen sulphide can reverse mitochondrial damage and help avert strokes, dementia, cancer, and heart attacks.

    Source: Daily Shit. A performer named Mr.

    It All Began with a Bean: The True Story of the Worlds Biggest Fart

    He farts the tunes to well-known pieces of music. Source: Bajiroo. Source: Digg. Source: Littlegate Publishing. Source: IM Launchr. Source: NY Daily News.

    It All Began with a Bean by Katie McKy

    Termites, for one, are the biggest farters on planet Earth. Some beetles, namely the female Southern Pine Beetles fart to attract mates. Herring actually communicate underwater by farting. Everybody farts. We fart at home, we fart at work, when we know it's a stinker, we fart with a smirk that rhymed! But how much do you really know about those mysterious smelly toots of yours? What IS a fart? We've got answers. Disgusting, delicious, smelly answers.

    Source: Oddee 1. The word "fart" may be considered vulgar but it's actually derived from an Old English word "feortan," which means "to break wind. The average human being farts 14 times a day. Source: Pinterest 3. You fart enough every day to fill a medium-sized balloon. Source: Funny Malaysia 4. The foods that get you farting the most include broccoli, cauliflower, kale, eggs, red meat, dairy products, garlic and foods high in yeast. Source: Lower Abdominal Pain Treatment 5.

    Farts can be measured using a "rectal catheter" which is shoved up the poop chute and can determine the volume of gas produced in a fart. Source: Vice 6.

    How a bean becomes a fart.

    The average speed of a fart leaving the anus and entering the world is about 10 feet per second or about 9. Source: Bride2Mum 7. Source: Jokideo 8. Women's farts smell worse than men's farts. Higher hydrogen sulphide content, yo! Source: Toni Bologna 9. But your own farts will never smell as bad to you as someone else's. Source: Rinse Daily Yes, disgusting people, it absolutely is possible to light a fart on fire.